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‘If you have a good time
with a book, praise the author, if you have a good time with a paragraph, praise the
translator (as well)
(Michael Hoffman ‘Speaking in tongues’, The Guardian, 22/11/03)


Welcome to the Professional Zone 


Here you will find information for Publishers and Translators.

In the ‘Publishers’ section there is a Step-by-Step Guide on translating books which includes information on how to find a translator and the translation grants that are available.  There is also a section dedicated to the recommendation of books from other languages that have never been translated into English.

In the ‘Translators’ section there is a Step-by-Step Guide full of advice and information on how to become involved in children's book translation.

The searchable ‘Grants, Residencies and Scholarships’ section allows you to search by country to find out what is available, the details of the criteria and how to apply. 

The general section of the Professional Zone is for both Publishers and Translators and you will find information on Prizes, UK and International Organisations, Articles on Translation and Magazines and Journals.

The Noticeboard is where Translators can post a brief profile and make book recommendations and Publishers advertise any opportunities for translators.


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