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Where should I start?

You will no doubt wish to start with some basic research into the various opportunities available to you.  In tracking down the right titles for your particular list, you may want to consider the following ideas.

    • Foreign book fairs can offer an invaluable source of ideas, inspiration and contacts – for example, the Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair.

    • You may well want to develop your contact with foreign publishers. You can use book fair catalogues to identify the most relevant candidates. 

    • You may want to consider liaising with cultural institutes that produce lists and online magazines of suggested titles for translation. For example, you can sign up for email updates and the Goethe Institute produce a twice-yearly magazine such as the `New Books in German'.

    • One of the best sources of ideas can be to seek out personal recommendations from translators, scouts, international writers and other members of the book world.

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