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‘Translators are the synapses of our culture.  Their work connects us to other, different ways of living and thinking and imagining, and the connections they make enrich us’
(Aidan Chambers, ‘An Indispensable Heritage’, Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation School Librarian, Spring 2005)

Welcome to the Translators Section

Here you will find advice and guidance on all aspects of translation and the role of the translator. You can find information on the children's publishing industry in the UK.

The Step-by-Step Guide has the following sixteen sections:

What does a Translator do?
Do I need a qualification to be a Literary Translator?
Who do Translators work for?
Finding a Publisher
Becoming a Children’s Book Translator
Payments and Royalties
Professional Support
Sources of Funding
Getting Started
Recommended Good Practice
Legal Status
Digital Rights
Research and Information
Online Resources
Residencies for Translators

In the menu to the Professional Zone, there are general sections for both Publishers and Translators including information on Prizes, UK & International Organisations and Magazines and Journals.







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