Welcome to Outside In World, the organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children's books in translation.

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Outside In World can often help you in terms of raising awareness of your translated title.  We are always delighted to hear about any new or forthcoming titles and will review them on our website.  We are also happy to discuss the more extensive promotional activity.  For example, Outside In World is working with several publishers to help them attract funding, organise promotional activities and plan author tours.  Do contact us for more details.

Publishers often feel under pressure to provide activities and educational resources to support titles.  Again, Outside In World can often help in this respect.

You will also want to consider submitting titles to the Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation and the Foreign Prize for Fiction (young adult, teenage and crossover titles) will only be accepted on the condition that they have also been published by an adult imprint). Click here for Prizes information.

You may want to consider how much to reference the 'translated' aspect of the title.  How relevant is the fact that it has been translated and does this add to the potential appeal or detract from it?   As already stated, the Outside In World experience is that a translated title should be of no less interest to children – in fact potentially more.  However, it may be that there are some adults who need a little more persuasion.



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