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How much professional support is available for translators?


The Translators Association

The Translators Association was set up as a constituent part of the Society of Authors, a trade union for professional writers.  The Translators Association is a source of professional advice for practising literary translators.

It is a membership organisation and offers advice on publishing contracts and contract vetting – The Guide to Translator/Publisher Contracts contains a model translator-publisher contract that can prove very useful in negotiations. 

Details of how to join the Society of Authors are on their website. 

There is relatively little ongoing professional training available for literary translators in the UK (though there are occasional workshops run by the TA and others), but emerging translators can apply to take advantage of BCLT's mentoring programme and annual summer school with workshops in a variety of languages attended by both new and experienced translators. Information about new opportunities for training run by BCLT and other organisations will be posted on our News page as they arise.

British Centre for Literary Translation (BCLT) 

BCLT is Britain's leading centre for the development, promotion and support of literary translation and contemporary writing from around the world. Housed within the School of Literature and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, BCLT aims to: 

  • Play a leadership role in raising the profile of literary translation.

  • Stimulate public awareness and interest in literary translation and writing from around the world, developing new audiences through events and publications.

  • Explore the links between creative writing and literary translation, providing a supportive venue for translators and writers to come together, network and collaborate.

  • Offer advice and ongoing professional development to translators at all stages in their career.

  • Provide the public, publishers, literary translators, academics and media with information and advice about literary translation.

  • Become a centre of excellence in literary translation, including teaching methodology, theory, practice and research, generating academic research and debate, and acting as a hub for the network of universities teaching literary translation in the UK.

  • Develop international links and collaboration with translation centres around the world.







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