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Cover and illustration

Another important consideration will be whether you retain the original cover.  Books generally tend to be re-jacketed for every 'new' country in which they are marketed, whether to bestow a new sense of identity/ownership or in an attempt to better reflect perceived differences in culture and taste.  Whilst it is not necessarily essential to change the cover image, it is interesting to note that UK jackets have been known to be viewed as being more attractive than the original (in fact one or two UK publishers have told us that they have been approached internationally for the rights to the UK jacket of a translated title). 

You will probably also need to consider the format, layout and illustration of the book and how translation may impact the UK edition and the length of the book. Buying a foreign picture book can have all sorts of implications on the design – and the way the 'new' (translated) text fits in around the existing artwork.




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