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How can a translator become a children's book translator?

Again, contacts within – and knowledge of - the children's book industry are invaluable. Familiarise yourself with the children's book world and those who work in it, through book fairs, book organisations, awards, prizes, events and of course plenty of reading, writing and research into what is popular and what (you believe) is missing.

As with any new venture in the children's book world, unsolicited approaches to publishing houses are unlikely to result in any degree of success – it is always better to have a specific contact name, ideally someone you have met or had recommended to you.

Getting to know some of the children's book publishers yourself – their lists, their areas of interest and their staff – is very helpful. Meeting other children's book translators will also help and gradually get your name known and respected.

Again, the Getting Started section of this guide may help you, and you can find lists of children's book publishers (and book organisations) on the internet.



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