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Sharing books with your child

Here at Outside In World, we believe that every child should have the right to enjoy books from all over the world.

Such books can give us precious insight into different cultures, countries and lives.  They can share exciting, original and diverse styles of artwork and writing.  They can bring us new ideas, experiences and perspectives.  Best of all, they simply offer a host of wonderful stories from which UK children should not be deprived.

As parents, we probably all remember stories from our own childhood that were originally written in a language other than English. Many of us will have enjoyed growing up finding friends in Pippi Longstocking, Asterix, Babar, Miffy, Tin Tin and Heidi. It can be fun to share these old favourites again with our own children and also to discover new writers, artists and tales together. 

Here on our website you can find lists of books for all ages (by going to Browse Books) and activities (by visiting the 'Activities' section in the Education Zone) for you and your child to enjoy together. The buttons on the right-hand side offer a good starting point. 

You can also use our site to learn more about the artists behind the books, search our maps of the world for books and explore our 'Windows on the World' virtual gallery of illustration.  You can also help your child to use the Young People's Zone, where young visitors can help us to interview artists and safely use a (moderated) noticeboard to exchange book ideas with other children around the world. 



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