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You can now see a short snapshop of our 'Reading Round the World' programme in 2009 by visiting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDNB7u5Ze8c


Feedback from 'Reading Round The World'

Executive Summary and Key Facts about our 2009 project together with our Key Learning Points can be downloaded.

Executive Summary
Key Facts
Key Learning Points


World Book Day March 2009 saw the launch of our 'Reading Round the World' project.

These innovation, fun and highly interactive events explore and celebrate books from all over the world, particularly children's books in translation. UK children rarely have access to books from other countries. The 'Reading Round the World,' programme will not only introduce them to these international books and artisits but also promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

Since we launched the programme we have run over 30 workshops and events and we have international artists visiting the UK from Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Poland, Thailand, Argentina and Iceland. During the autumn we have artists coming from France, Japan and Sweden.

Translated Across the Globe – Sweden to New Zealand

Swedish author Ulf Stark with his translator and publisher, Julia Marshall from New Zealand were 'In Conversation' with Wendy Cooling at the Swedish Embassy in London on 27 October. 

An audience of 130 children, librarians and parents from the Chatterbook groups run by the Bromley Library Service took part in a lively event at Bromley Central Library on 28 October.  Ulf talked about his books Can You Whistle, Johanna? and the 'My Friend Percy' series, showed film clips of some of his books and answered questions from the audience. really funny pictures funny pictures funny images funny photos


Ulf Stark is an award-winning author in Sweden and Europe but is virtually unknown in the UK.  Four of his books were translated and published by Julia Marshall of Gecko Press in New Zealand and will be available from this month through Bounce Sales & Marketing http://www.bouncemarketing.co.uk



Ulf Stark, Julia Marshall & Wendy Cooling at the Swedish Embassy © photo Alexandra Strick
Ulf with two members from the Bromley Chatterbook groups © photo Jenny Hawke


 A Taste from the East comes to London with visiting Japanese author Kazumi Yumoto

Japanese author, Kazumi Yumoto and her translator Cathy Hirano took part in two busy days of workshops with students from across London. 

The first workshops took place at the British Airways Community Learning Centre, Harmondsworth which was supported by the BA Community Investment Department.  Students from Brentford School for Girls had the opportunity to take an imaginary trip to the artists' homeland  in Japan where they had a multi-sensory experience through Kazumi's books The Friends and Letters from the Living, and learnt about life in Japan, the first Calligraphy of the Year (similar to a New Year's resolution) and enjoyed some tasty Japanese snacks. 

In the afternoon Kazumi and Cathy visited Hampton Hill Junior School, Middlesex where they met Years 5 and 6.  The children had a particular interest in Japan and had the opportunity to ask Kazumi and Cathy about their lives and took part in a special writing activity. 

The final day of workshops was with Year 9 and 10 from Greenford High School, Southall at the Central Library in Ealing and in the afternoon with Year 11, 12 and 13 on the school's campus.  Both groups of students are studying Japanese and in the second group in particular, there was a lively exchange between artists and students in Japanese.



     Students from Brentford School for Girls © photo Alexandra Strick                     Hampton Hill Junior School © photo Alexandra Strick


           Greenford High School at Ealing Central Library                                           Year 11, 12 & 13 from Greenford  High School © Photos Alexandra Strick 


Children from East Sussex and Hampshire learn Scribbling can be fun with French Illustrator Hervé Tullet


Award-winning French Illustrator Hervé Tullet led three days of exciting workshops in the South East of England, visiting Hastings, Bexhill and Havant. 

The first port of call was Little Ridge Primary School in Hastings on 30 September followed by King Offa Primary School in Bexhill on 1 October.  Both events were supported by the East Sussex Library and Information Services.  Hervé then visited Fairfield Infants School in Havant on 2 October, this was supported by the Havant Literary Festival. 

Recognised as the 'Prince of Pre-school books' in France, Hervé Tullet's bold, eye-catching and distinctive books have been translated into many languages.  The children had great fun learning about Hervé's work through his books and creating their own special 'scribble' artwork under his guidance.



 Hervé Tullet with children from Little Ridge Primary                                                    Hervé Tullet with children from Fairfield Junior 
 © Photos Alexandra Strick            

                                                                             Artwork from King Offa Primary School, Bexhill





Tales from the Lands of the Gauchos and the Vikings arrive in the UK 

Award-winning Argentinean writer and illustrator, and creator of the Outside In colourful logo, Pablo Bernasconi, visited the UK during August and September to take part in the programme and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Brompton Library was host to an evening event, in partnership with IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People), with Pablo 'In Conversation' with John Dunne. The audience heard how Pablo goes about creating his unique artwork from collecting all sorts of objects, building intricate models which he photographs before completing the final pictures.

© Photos Alexandra Strick                    

Many children will already be familiar with Pablo's wonderful book The Wizard, the Ugly and the Book of Fame published by Bloomsbury, but he has also brought us several other books such as Captain Arsenio: Inventions and (Mis) Adventures in Flight (available in English) and many titles in Spanish.

Pablo inspired a group of children, ranging in age from seven to eleven, who visited the British Airways Community Learning Centre on 28th August by showing them how he creates his intricate and stunning artwork. The children were then given the opportunity to create their own collage based on Pablo's own unique style.

Year 5 children at St. Martin's Garden Primary School near the city of Bath on 3rd September also had the opportunity to enjoy workshops with Pablo and created some wonderful artwork as a result.

© Photos Alexandra Strick                                                                                                            

 A Taste of Iceland comes to the UK

Icelandic author, screenwriter and musician Fridrik Erlings, also made a visit to the Edinburgh International Book Festival before taking part in an evening event hosted by the Embassy of Iceland in partnership with Meadowside Books on 2nd September. Fridrik and Lucy Cuthew, his editor at Meadowside were 'In Conversation' with Nicholas Tucker and focussed on his two novels Benjamin Dove and Fish in the Sky that have both been translated into English.    



From left to right Fridrik Erlings, Nicholas Tucker, Lucy Cuthew editor at Meadowside Children's Books and Haukur Ólafsson Minster Counsellor, Embassy of Iceland
© Photos Alexandra Strick                                                                                                

This was followed by two very interactive days of workshops with Year 8 & 9 students from Heathfield Community College in East Sussex, supported by the East Sussex Library and Information Services, and Eastlea Community School in Newham.

Students interviewed Fridrik about his life and work and were challenged to come up with a slogan for the possible film of his book 'Fish in the Sky' or to take part in a mini master class where they were presented with three different scenarios and asked to write an 'internal monologue'.


© Photos Alexandra Strick  


Poland comes to Eastbourne and Orpington

Over one hundred children in schools in Eastbourne and Orpington were in for a rare treat when Polish author-illustrator Anna Mycek-Wodecki flew into town. Anna introduced the children to her engaging 'Minutka' books (see our Book of the Week), drew a giant Minutka and worked with the children to try naming the different parts of the dog in Polish - not to mention as many other languages as the group could come up with. The children demostrated an impressive vocabulary of words in other languages, as well as a hunger to learn new languages.



 © Photos Alexandra Strick  

Pupils then also tried their hands at drawing Minutka themselves, alongside drawings of their own pets and a few imaginary pets (including sharks, worms and winged horses!)

Many thanks to the schools for making us so welcome. Thanks also to the East Sussex School Library Service for their partnership and support in arranging the Eastbourne workshops and to Orpington Library for their involvement in the Orpington workshops.



© Photos Alexandra Strick  

Hounslow children fly off to Thailand

A hundred children from three schools in West London were given a truly multi-sensory experience of Thailand this week thanks to two days of Outside In workshops at the British Airways Learning Centre with author Jane Vejjajiva.

On arrival, the children checked in and were 'flown' to Thailand on a British Airways plane housed at the Learning Centre. They were greeted by Jane, author of The Happiness of Kati, who introduced them to her work as a writer and to the sights, sounds, smells and even tastes of Thailand! Film footage, photographs and music were accompanied by the scent of lemongrass and lime leaves, and the chance to taste a range of Thai snacks and dried fruits.

Jane and Hounslow pupils on the plane  Hounslow pupils with Jane
© Photos Alexandra Strick  

The workshops progressed on to an exploration of the book itself, including an exclusive chance to see the trailer for the new Happiness of Kati film. Children were then challenged to identify the secret of happiness, as they took part in a group writing/drawing activity.

So, what did children identify as being the secret of happiness? Their answers were diverse and fascinating, but just a few of the most popular conclusions were family, friends, football, food - and a good future.

Artists and children explore books in the garden of Eden

French author Timothee de Fombelle and translator Sarah Ardizzone entertained children in Cornwall with a unique workshop experience based on their books Toby Alone and Toby and the Secrets of the Tree. The Eden Project was the ideal setting form the green-themed books and after the morning's workshop, children even had the chance to explore its amazing attractions in the Cornish sunshine. Many thanks to Michaela Dungate and Foster a Book (FAB) for working with Outside In to arrange the event.

The children's event was followed by a London-based 'in conversation' style event for adults run in conjunction with Walker Books and hosted for Outside In by Nicholas Tucker.

Timothee and Sarah with the children  Timothee, Sarah, the children and Michaela from FAB
© Photos Alexandra Strick  

A taste of Sweden

A taste of Sweden was introduced to children taking part in the 'Reading Round the World' workshops when Anders Brundin, author of Dudley the Daydreamer visited Folkestone Library and the British Airways Community Learning Centre on 21st and 22nd May.

Children from St. Eanswythes Primary School, (Year 5 and Year 1) at Folkestone Library and Spring Grove Primary School from Iselworth at the BA Community Learning Centre, (Year 4), enjoyed workshop sessions learning Swedish words, hearing about Anders work and how he created 'Dudley the Daydreamer' and took part in an activity creating their own 'dreams' for Dudley.

The event in Folkestone coincides with 'Picturing Europe', a 3D exhibition of children's illustrators from across Europe put together by WingedChariot Press that was touring Kent libraries.

Folkestone children enjoying the workshop        
© Photos Alexandra Strick  


Spain comes to Hounslow and Tunbridge Wells

In April, Spanish author/illustrator Lluis Farré took part in four Outside In workshops (in Feltham and Tunbridge Wells) and an event at Waterstone's in Tunbridge Wells. The workshops held in Feltham Library were supported by the British Airways Community Investment Fund.

In these extraordinary workshops, children were exposed to a visual feast of images of Lluis' life and work, following which they learned about the languages of Spanish and Catalan, and worked with Lluis to create characters. Although most of the children were unfamilar with the concept of Catalan, by the end of the workshop they were positively volunteering to read Lluis' books aloud to the rest of the group -in Catalan! 


         © Photos Alexandra Strick                                                               


Outside In brings the 'World' to World Book Day!

Outside In's 'Reading Round the World' programme is now under way. The project will see well over 40 workshops and events take place around the UK this year. 


© Photos Alexandra Strick  

The first four workshops were run by Axel Scheffler (creator of The Gruffalo) and Jutta Bauer (award-winning author and illustrator of titles such as Selma) and were held in Hounslow and Orpington. Over the two days, a total of over 100 delighted children took part in innovative book-themed activities, developing their interest in books from around the world. The two artists created new children's book characters on giant sheets of paper, before involving the children in a fun art-based challenge to create their own characters. The children also enjoyed the opportunity to quiz the two artists, watch film of them in action and to hear readings from their books. 


Axel Scheffler, Jutta Bauer, Mary Barry of British Airways with children Chatsworth Primary School, Hounslow, Middlesex, © Photos Alexandra Strick


Deborah Hallford, Edgardo Zaghini, Axel Scheffler, Jutta Bauer and children from Year 4 Leesons Primary School, Orpington, Kent, Photograph Leesons School

The two artists clearly enjoyed the experience as much as the children.

Axel Scheffler said "It was a pleasure to have been involved - and it could not have been a greater success! The children were very responsive, excited and interested, and produced some fantastic and inventive artwork."

Jutta Bauer was equally pleased to have been involved: "I was delighted that Outside In invited me to the UK. It was wonderful see how much UK children enjoy books from Germany and other countries."

'Reading Round the World' is funded by the Arts Council of England, with partnership funding from the British Airways Community Investment Fund for Hounslow, Unwin Charitable Trust, Swedish Arts Council, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Japan Society. Most of the events will take place in schools and libraries; however there will be a small number of events which may be open to the public, including several aimed at adults.

Thanks to British Airways, the launch will also kick off a series of innovative book events for children across the Hounslow area. Many of the Hounslow events will take place at the British Airways Community Learning Centre, which is located next to its Waterside head office, and provides educational activities for children from the Heathrow community.

Mary Barry, British Airways Community Investment Manager, attended the event and outlined why they are supporting the programme. "We are delighted to be involved in this innovative programme. Not only will children have access to books from across the world, it will also promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding. As part of British Airways community investment programme we aim to work closely with schools and young people across our communities at Heathrow".

World Book Day Eve launch


                          Jutta  Bauer, Axel Scheffler and Nicolette Jones 'In Conversation'.  ©Photos Alexandra Strick             

World Book Day Eve saw the first ever 'Reading Round the World' event take place, in the form of an event for adults at the Scholastic London offices in Euston. While most of the events are for children, this special adult event was held in partnership with the Goethe-Institut London and Scholastic. Axel Scheffler and Jutta Bauer came together 'in conversation' with journalist Nicolette Jones.

Conversation topics were diverse and plentiful, including the artists' experiences of the UK and German book publishing industries and examples of German illustrators and writers to look out for.

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