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Outside In: Children's Books in Translation


Outside In: Children's Books in Translation is a guide that explores the rich tradition and culture of children's literature from a host of countries around the world.

'An essential resource for anyone seriously interested in giving children the widest access to all that's best in children's books from around the world' (Achuka, 16 November 2005)

'Inspiring and highly informative, Outside In brings the world's literature for children much, much closer'
(Elv Moody, School Librarian, Vol 54, No: 1, Spring 2006) funny gifs funny pictures funny images funny photos

As interest in translated books surges, Outside In is a timely and engaging guide for a broad range of readers and will appeal to, teachers, librarians, students, parents, booksellers, authors, publishers and anyone interested in children's books. Outside In is a lively and comprehensive review of children's books from around the world that have been translated into English-some of the most groundbreaking, popular and influential books for children. It covers the background to children's books in translation, from the classic to the contemporary, and the pleasures and insights they can offer to young readers.

Published by Milet Publishing in 2005, the guide features:

• Foreword by Philip Pullman
• Over 170 reviews of books available in the UK, including picture books, fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and dual-language books, reviewed by a team of independent experts
• Biographies of the authors, illustrators and translators
• Informative articles by authors, translators, publishers and educators
• Comprehensive resource guide
• Articles written on topics that will help to stimulate the debate surrounding the subject of translation:

The following articles from the guide can be downloaded.

An introduction to the guide by Editors Deborah Hallford and Edgardo Zaghini

Introduction to Outside In

Nicholas Tucker explores why there is a British problem in the translation of children's books - 'Why is There a British Problem?'

Why is There a British Problem?

Sarah Ardizzone writes about 'Translating Monsters', her experience of translating the Golem books.

Translating Monsters

Lene Kaaberbol identifies some of the problems of being translated and of being a translator   

Everyday Miracles

Gillian Lathey discusses teaching an MA module on children's literature in translation at Roehampton - 'Discovering Difference'

Discovering Difference

Patricia Billings explores bilingual books - Squiggles and Dots 

Squiggles and Dots

Duel-language list from Outside In Guide 

Dual Language List

Klaus Flugge of Andersen Press and Neal Hoskins of WingedChariot Press give two different publishing perspectives 

A Publishers Perspective

Edgardo Zaghini gives an overview on classic children's books from other countries - 'Barbar has come to England'

Babar has come to England

Afterword by Editor Deborah Hallford 



'A gift for the parent of a globe-trotting young reader. This unique (and rather stylish) guide to recent children's books in translation sketches more than 170 titles'. (Independent, 16 December 2005)

'Outside In deserves to be a permanent feature of the children's literature scene. Meanwhile, every school would find this book a real help in meeting the English national curriculum requirements to study "texts from a variety of cultures and traditions". (Myra Barrs, TES, 16 December 2005)

The Outside In guide is divided into eight sections: five age categories (see below) covering picture books and fiction followed by a small section on graphic novels, non-fiction and dual-language books.

The book is divided into the following age categories:

Under 5
12 and over
14 and over 






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