Welcome to Outside In World, the organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children's books in translation.

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Bookhead ManHow does Outside In World work?

Outside In World comprises a small team of freelance experts in children's literature. This flexible and modern approach ensures minimal overheads, office and staff costs, and ensures that all funding is focused directly on the delivery of the organisation's objectives.

The Outside In World freelance team is governed and guided by a committed team of trustees with substantial and suitable skills and expertise. Additional expertise is bought in for specific projects as required. Outside In World aims to work in partnership with other like-minded organisations to ensure appropriate communication and skill sharing and to avoid duplication of activity.

Outside In World aspires to widen horizons and to open up world literature, introducing people to new ways of thinking and to foster in them a love of stories, ideas and cultures from other countries. Outside In World aspires to cultivate internationalism that will allow authors and illustrators from different cultures, otherwise funny animal pictures funny pictures funny images funny photos
unknown in the UK, to present their work to a variety of audiences.

The organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children’s books in translation

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