Welcome to Outside In World, the organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children's books in translation.

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Aims and Objectives  


Folkestone LibraryOutside In World aims to celebrate and promote
books from around the world by:

  • Creating publications, information and online resources (for teachers, librarians, students, publishers, booksellers and other interested parties) which promote world literature and cross-cultural understanding, encouraging UK audiences to read books by writers and illustrators from other countries.
  • Maintaining and developing the Outside In World website to provide information and advice on literature from other countries and to support and encourage UK publishers in the translation of literature from other countries.
  • Developing projects, workshops, seminars and events that will increase availability, awareness and enjoyment of literature from other countries.
  • Continuing to develop and expand ‘Windows on the World’ the online illustrators’ gallery of international artists.UK-based exhibitions of illustrators'.
  • Maintaining and expanding the Outside In World book collection of literature from around the world.
  • Liaison with all appropriate agencies both domestic and overseas in furthering the translation of books and the promotion of world literature in general.  

Outside In World also aims to endeavour to make world books accessible to wider audiences through:

The delivery of projects that bring world books and related activities to all audiences including those who would not otherwise have such opportunities.
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The promotion of books and projects that recognise the diversity of society, and
help audiences to explore and understand the world and issues such as cultural identity.

Supporting publishers, writers and illustrators in the development of books that
celebrate diversity, engage different groups and encourage individuals to achieve potential.

The provision of information and resources on all aspects of diversity in literature.

Flexibility and monitoring and responding to the changing needs of audiences.

The organisation dedicated to promoting and exploring world literature and children’s books in translation

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