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The Dangerous Journey Tove Jansson

text by Sophie Hannah

Sort of Books, (2010)








When Susanna finds a pair of glasses and puts them on, her world completely changes, in fact, everything is distorted.

  1. What happens to Susanna's cat?
  2. The forest has been replaced with what?
  3. What does Susanna see when she looks into the   water?
  4. As Susanna wanders on, whom does she meet?
  5. Susanna spots something in the sand.  What is it?
  6.  What has completely disappeared?
  7.  Why does Susanna think HEMULEN is going to a party?
  8.  What are the names of HEMULEN'S two companions?
  9.  Why does HEMULEN think that 'life's turned loopy'?
  10.  Who were hiding when they should have helped SNIFF?
  11. What is the soup that makes SNIFF feel sick?
  12. Who is the pilot of the 'Flying Dream' and what is it?
  13. What did SNIFF have to throw out of the 'Flying Dream'?
  14. Who was looking through the telescope?
  15. Where do they finally land?
  16. What was HEMULEN looking forward to having when he arrived?


Your Challenge:


Bob mixes up the letters in his words e.g. 'A mightful fress'.  Can you make up a sentence mixing up the letters like this?

The Dangerous Journey is written in rhyming couplets – two lines of verse joined by rhyme. Can you try and write a poem in rhyme about one of the 'Moomin' characters?


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.


Dangerous Journey Activities


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