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Our Book Selection   

The age range of books we have been looking is 5-11 years; these are mainly picture books although we have considered some chapter books too.

Outside In World was encouraged by the number of books we discovered. We received recommendations from a variety of sources including: 

International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) catalogue, European Picture Book Collection (EPBC), International Youth Library, individual translators, publishers and disability experts from around the world.

This resulted in a wide-ranging collection of accessible books (including titles that featured braille, sign language, PCS/Widgit symbols and tactile elements), and inclusive titles (that included Autism, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, sensory impairments and mobility impairments). 

A total of 60 books were assessed originating from 15 countries: Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Italy, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Syria.


The breakdown by country was as follows:



Of these 60, eight titles were rejected in the initial assessment process; 38 titles were assessed in-depth and a further 16 titles were subject to less specific feedback so were not dealt with in detail. 

  • 32 titles were translated into English by OIW for the project.

  • Languages included: French (7); German (4); Greece (1); Hungary (2); Italian (2); Spanish (8); Arabic (4); Korean (3); and Swedish (1).

  • One mock-up was produced in braille while another was adapted with Widgit symbols.

  • 27 titles were prepared with English text by OIW.
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