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Poetry Book Activities

Hedgehog's Home Branko Čopić
Translated from Serbian by S.D. Curtis Istros Books, (2011)











Hedgemond is a stubborn little hedgehog who is proud of his home in the Forest but the other animals just don't understand why.

  1. Hedgemond is a legendary hunter.  Which animals step aside and stand in awe of him?
  2.  How many spikes does Hedgemond have?
  3. Who is Hedgemond invited to dine with?
  4. What does Miss Fox think when Hedgemond insists on going home?
  5. What frightens Miss Fox as she follows Hedgemond?
  6.  What does Wolf prefer to his own home?
  7.  Who do Miss Fox and Wolf meet along the way?
  8.  What does Bear prefer to his own home?
  9.  Who joins them on the final stage of their journey?
  10.  When they finally reach Hedgemond's house what do they find?
  11.  What happens to the greedy old wolf, slovenly bear and the boar?
  12.  What language do you think Hedgehog's Home has been translated from?
  13.  The writer Branko Copic was born an ethnic Serb in the former Yugoslavia.  Can you name all the countries that now make up this region?
  14.  Can you think of some more animals that might live in the forest?
  15. Why is Hedgemond's home so important to him?  Write a short piece about what you feel is special about your home.
  16. Explore the vocabulary of the poem. Pick out any words in it that you are unfamiliar with, find out what they mean and compose a poem around them.


Your Challenge:

    • Write a gourmet poem about some of the different foods that Hedgemond and Miss Fox might eat when they dine together. 

    • Hedgehog's Home is written in rhyming couplets – two lines of verse joined by rhyme. 

    • Can you try and write your poem in rhyme? 

    • You could also try to write a quatrain – a section of poetry composed of four lines having alternative rhymes. 

    • Here is the first stanza of the poem in the original (Serbo-Croatian) language.

Po šumi širom, bez staze puta, Ježurka Ježic povazdan luta. Lovom se bavi, cesto ga vide, s trista kopalja, na juriš ide. I vuk, i medo, pa cak i ovca, poznaju ježa, slavnog lovca. Jastreb ga štuje, vuk mu se sklanja, zmija ga šarka po svu noæ sanja. Pred njim, dan hoda, širi se strava, njegovim tragom putuje slava.

Click on this link to hear someone reading it from the originial: 


Even though you might not understand the language you can recognise that the poem is written in rhyming couplets.  

Can you take some words of a foreign language that you know and try to write a poem?


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.

Hedgehogs Home

For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section.

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