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Poetry Book Activities


Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head, Stella Dreis
Text by Daniel Hahn Phoenix Yard Books, (2011)






Miss Jolly is always happy – whether she's playing the cello or wearing a fruit on her head.  Her neighbours, Miss Whimper, Miss Grouch and Miss Stern are miserable and desperate to discover the secret of her happiness.  They try many ways to become happy by making hats out of food such as radishes, cauliflower, trout as well as a variety of different objects. 

  1. Can you think of some more miserable neighbours that Miss Jolly might have – e.g. Miss Grumble.  Perhaps once you have thought up some names you could draw their face(s).
  2. What other foods could the hats be made from?  Once you have made your choice create a picture of the different hats they could wear.
  3. Write a gourmet poem based on the other fruits that Miss Jolly could wear on her head.
  4. Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head is written in rhyming couplets – two lines of verse joined by rhyme. 
  5. Can you try and write your poem in rhyme?
  6. Try writing a poem in a foreign language that you are familiar with or know a few words of.  See what words you can find to rhyme – it doesn't have to make sense and it can be as long or short as you like.
  7. Design and create a hat that the grumpy neighbours can wear. 
  8. Decide on the design and the materials you are going to use to make and decorate it.  Choose a name for your hat. 

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Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head


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