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The 'Frog Books' Quiz


1. Who created the delightful frog in stripy shorts?


    a: Dick Bruna
    b: Max Velthuijs
 c: Cornelia Funke 






 2. When was Frog created and what is his nationality?

     Age            Nationality


    a: 1989      d: Spanish     b: 1922      e: Dutch       c: 1066       f: French 


3. Who are Frog's friends? (You can choose more than one answer).


    a: Duck

    b: Rabbit

    c: Rat

    d: Horse

    e:  Pig

    f: Hare 



4. In Frog is Frog why is Frog unhappy? (You can    choose more than  one answer). 


    a: He can't fly like Duck

    b: He can't sing like a bird

    c: He can't bake cakes like Pig

    d:  He can't ride a bicycle









5. What does Hare say to Frog to try and comfort him?


   a: To practice harder at the things he wants to do 

   b: Tells frog he can't swim or leap like him

   c: Learn to ride a bike instead


6. In Frog is Frightened, Frog lies awake unable to sleep because he hears  strange noises in the night. What does he do? 


 a: Buries his head under the covers and tries to go to sleep.
 b: Runs through the dark wood until he reaches  Duck's house.
 c: Gets up to investigate where the noises are coming from.








 7. Hare tells his friends that he was frightened too.   What frightened him? 

a: When he heard the same mysterious noises that had frightened his friend Frog. b: When he discovers that Frog, Duck and Pig's houses are empty. c: Hare has a terrible nightmare.


8. What does Frog find in the woods in Frog Finds a Friend?      


a: a little brown bear
b: a silver coin
c: his friends having a picnic








9. Why is Frog heartbroken towards the end of the story? 

a: He has had an argument with Pig. b: He has lost his favourite red and while stripy shorts.    c: His new friend has left to travel the world.  

10. How many 'Frog' books can you find that have been translated into English?


Quiz questions devised from Frog is Frog, Frog Finds a Friend and Frog is Frightened, published by Andersen Press. 


For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section. 


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.


Frog Book Quiz


Max Velthuijs' books about the delightful amphibian in his stripy shorts has acquired an international reputation. Although the 'Frog' books can be deemed for the very young, Velthuijs often tackles subjects that can be used for an older audience. The quiz below is a taster for some of the books about Frog that are available in English. 

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