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Poetry Book Activities


Flower Heaven
Else Wenz-Viëtor
Based on a poem by Sophie Reinheimer
Floris Books, (2010)





  1. All sorts of flowers and plants go to Flower Heaven where they are looked after by the flower angels.
  2. What has happened to the rose and its buds?
  3. Why is the daisy crying?
  4. A grumbling cactus arrives in Flower Heaven. Do you know why?
  5. Why is the garland of flowers in such a sorry state?
  6. Which flower does the angel have to tell to be quiet?
  7. What are the little pests that attach themselves to one of the plants?
  8. Which flower glows gently in the dark?
  9. What language was the poem originally written in?


Your Challenge:


Can you come up with a list of other flowers and plants that you think might need assistance from the flower angels?

Try writing a poem or drawing a picture of a flower or flowers that visit Flower Heaven. 


For a pdf of this quiz please click below.

Flower Heaven

For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section.

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