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Wordless Picture Books


This is a chance to tell your own stories by interpreting the pictures.


The Surprise
Sylvia van Ommen, WingedChariot Press, (2005)





1.  Look at the front cover of the book. What do you think is in the sheep's package on the back of the bike?


2.  Why do you think the sheep is weighing and measuring herself?


3.  Where do you think the sheep is going on her bike? 


4.  What is in all the coloured bottles that the sheep is looking at? 


5.  Why do you think she wants the red bottle and what does she do with it? 


6.  What is the poodle doing? 


7.  What does the sheep do next? 


8.  Who is the present for? 


9.  Why might the giraffe need to be kept extra warm?


10.  How many different animals are there in the story? 


For a pdf of this activity please click below.


The Surprise




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