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Wordless Picture Books


This is a chance to tell your own stories by interpreting the pictures.

The Chicken Thief
Béatrice Rodriguez

Gecko Press, (2009)


1.  Who is lurking in the grass at the beginning of the story?


2.  Can you spot anything that looks distinctly French on the second page? 


3.  Rooster, Bear and Rabbit set off in search of their friend.  They travel  through........ over ....... and across the ....... in hot pursuit of the fox. 


4.  Fox and Chicken sleep in a tree.  Can you spot the other animals nearby? 


5.  What tell-tale signs are there in the illustrations of the Fox and Chicken's  burgeoning relationship? 


6.  How do the Fox and Chicken get down the mountain?  Are there any clues? 


7.  How to Rooster, Bear and Rabbit get across the sea? 


8.  They are in for a shock when they finally reach Fox's home. What do they discover? 


9.  Why is the Rooster so dejected at the end of the story? 


10.  What signs are there in the illustrations that Fox and Chicken are happy together?



For a pdf of this activity please click below.

The Chicken Thief




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