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Rubbish and Recycling







Rubbish and Recycling


1.  What is the old English word for rubbish?



2.  What is a rag-and-bone man and what were they called years ago?   









3.  Who was Poubelle and what was his brainwave?


4.  How was rubbish stored in the Middle Ages?



5.  Some rubbish takes a long time to break down.  How long do you think it takes for a tissue, fruit peelings, chewing gum and a plastic bag to break down?








6.  Do you know what E-waste and toxic waste are?



7.  What were rags made into?



8.  The Industrial Revolution brought many things but how did it affect rubbish?



9.  There are many items of rubbish that are generally recycled, what are they?


10.  Do you know what happens to rubbish that is not recycled?



11.  What is organic matter and how does nature recycle her own rubbish?



12.  There are several types of rubbish, what are they?








13.  What have we been 'invaded' by?



14.  Can you find out what your ecological footprint is? 


15.  Find out what you can do to help make a difference.    





Quiz questions devised from Rubbish and Recycling by Gérard Bertolini and Claire Delalande, illustrated by Nicolas Hubesch and translated from French by Jen Craddock, Gecko Press, (2009)


Another book to look out for is Trash, published by Tara Books.


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.

Rubbish and Recycling


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