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The Adventures

of Life









The Adventure of Life


1.  The earth is home to how many different species of plants and animals?





2.  When was the universe formed? 



3.  What do humans, animals and plants have in common?

4.  Can you name any of the first living creatures on Earth?  


5.  Which common ancestor do humans share with monkeys?


6.  What were the biggest animals the Earth has ever seen?










7.  What are primates? 


8.  Can you name the different groups of the human family that existed 2.5 million years ago to today?


9.  What is believed to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs?







10.  What is the food chain?


11.  Can you name three endangered species? 


12.  What are the two types of reproduction?








13.  What is the word used to describe the passing on of certain characteristics within a family?



14.  What was the first cloned animal?  



15.  Who put forward the theory of evolution?







Quiz questions devised from The Adventures of Life by Jean-Benoît Durand, illustrated by Robin Gindre, translated from French by Jean Anderson, Gecko Press, (2010)


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Adventures of Life Quiz



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