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Around the World with Mouk: A Trail of Adventure


1.  Mouk visits a lot of countries.  Can you identify any of them?


2.  Before Mouk sets out on his travels he starts to prepare for his trip.  


a) How long are Komodo dragons?
b) What language is Bom dia?


3.  What does Mouk forget before he sets off?


4.  What don't they have in Lapland in winter?


5.  Where does Mouk sleep in Lapland?


6.  What does 'Yassou' mean in Greek?


7.  Can you identify the type of cheese they eat in Greece?  What other things  might be associated with this country?


8.  What animal is associated with the desert?


9.  What does Mouk see falling from outer space in the desert?


10. In which country in Africa is the town of Bobo-Dioulasso?


11.  Which animals like dancing to the reggae music in Madagascar?


12.  India has a sacred animal.  What is it?


13.  For which Indian Festival was the elephant decorated for?


14.  What is the currency in India?


15.  What is everywhere in China?  


16.  Can you identify some of the foods that Mouk tries in China?

17.  What is the name of one of the main Chinese rivers?


18.  What is covered in prickles and really stinks?


19.  Which island does Mouk visit in Australia?


20.  What did Mouk see when he visited the island?


21.  Which animals are specifically associated with Australia?


22.  What does Yokoso mean in Japanese?


23.  What does the frog love doing in Japan?


24.  What is the best time of year to see the Cherry blossom in Japan?


25.  What is the Maneki Neko that Mouk discovers in Japan?


26.  Mouk climbs the Andes and then visits Lake Titicaca. What language does he speak while he is there?


27.  On Lake Titicaca there are floating islands.  What are they made of?


28.  Where do the best chips (papas fritas) come from?


29.  What dance does Mouk learn to do?


30.  What is the shape of the museum that Mouk visits in New York?


31.  What is the name of the park in New York?


32.  How are the streets named in New York?


Quiz questions devised from Around the World with Mouk: A Trail of Adventure by Marc Boutavant, Translated from French, Tate Publishing, (2007)


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.


Around the World with Mouk


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