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A River of Stories, Tales and Poems

from Across the Commonwealth





A River of Stories


  1. In the poem 'Women's World' what are the women balancing on their heads?
  2. In 'Cooking with Salt Walter' old Amara believes that the sea has shrunk.  What does she think is the cause?
  3. In 'The Boy Who Called Across the River' why is Ndapi so upset when he calls his brother across the river?
  4. Which creatures march in the rain?
  5. How did the elephant acquire his long trunk in 'Nkalimeva'?
  6. In the poem 'The Sea is a Mystery' the sea is how many different colours?
  7. How did the Starfish get to the Sea?
  8. Was it Sand or Star that won the counting contest?
  9. How is the mist described in the poem 'The Mist'?
  10. Who was the chief god's messenger in 'The Water God's Challenge?
  11. How did The Thunder Spirit identify his bride?
  12. What was the one rule that the three brothers 'Tabwere, Tebarere and Tetintiri were told never to do?
  13. What is a 'gosile' in 'The Warrior Women of Lumalao'?
  14. How is the storm described in the poem 'The Storm'?
  15. What does Mawu of the Waters fling around her like a shawl?
  16. How many countries make up the Commonwealth?
  17. Can you name all or some of the countries who are part of the Commonwealth?


Your Challenge:


There are several poems written in rhyming couplets.  Can you write a poem about water in rhyme?



Quiz questions devised from A River of Stories, Tales and Poems from Across the Commonwealth, Compiled by Alice Curry, illustrated by Jan Pieńkowski, Commonwealth Education Trust, (2011)



For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.



A River of Stories


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