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Pinocchio Quizzes and Activities


Here you will a quiz and Word Search activity on Pinocchio.


Pinocchio Quiz









 1. Who was Pinocchio?  

a) A Puppet     b) A Doll      c) A Pet

2. What was Pinocchio made of?


a) Metal
b) Plastic
c) Wood











3. Who created Pinocchio?      

a) Garibaldi 
   b) Geppetto  c)  Gertrude


 4. Where does the story of Pinocchio come from?


a) Germany     b) Spain     c) Italy


5. On his way to school Pinocchio meets two strangers who lead him astray. Who are they?








 a) Fox and Cat
 b) Tortoise and Hare
 c) Owl and the Pussy Cat

6. What happens each time Pinocchio tells a lie?



 a) He puts on weight
b) His nose grows     c) His ears grow




 7. Who was Pinocchio's conscience?


 a) The Blue Fairy    b) Jiminy Cricket    c) Geppetto


8. Instead of going to school where does Pinocchiogo?


a) The Circus
b) A Puppet show 
c) The Fun fair







9. How many coins does Pinocchio bury in the field?


 a) Four     b) Six     c) two


10. Who swallows Geppetto in the sea?


 a)  Sea Dragon      b)  Shark      c)  Octopus


 11. In Toyland what is Pinocchio turned into?






  a) A Pig       b) A Donkey       c) A Rabbit 


12. What happens at the end of the story?

a) Pinocchio's wish comes true and he becomes a real boy.
b) Pinocchio becomes the greatest puppet on earth. c) Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket travel the world and     make lots of money. 


There are many different versions of Pinocchio, click on Browse Books to see those listed in our database.  The above covers are from the Pinocchio editions by Usborne.  


For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section. 


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.



Pinocchio Quiz



Pinocchio Word Search 


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.


Pinocchio Word Search



For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section.




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