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Tove Jansson Quiz








1. What country did Tove Jansson come from and what language did she speak?


    Country           Language 

    a: Ireland        d: Icelandic
    b: Finland        e: Gaelic  
    c: Iceland        f: Finnish


2. Tove Jansson is famous for creating the Finn Moomintroll Family. Who are little Moomintroll's friends? (You can choose more than one answer).


   a: Miffy
   b: The Snork Maiden
   c: Tintin  
   d: Hattifatteners
   e: Pippi Longstocking
   f: Snuff





3. In The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little MY    what is Moomintroll  taking home to his mother?


    a:  milk
    b:  cake 
    c:  a present

4. What does Moomintroll mistake for a chimney pot?


    a: A strange creature lurking in the trees   
    b: A tree
    c:  Mymble's hair


5. Who are Moomintroll and Mymble looking for?


    a: Hemulen 
    b: Little MY (Mymble's sister)
    c: Gaffsie



6. How do you say 'good morning' in Finnish?


    a: Tere Hommikust
    b: Hyvää Huomenta
    c: Shubh Prabhaat


7. Which of the following do you associate with Finland? (You can choose  more than one answer).


    a: Pompeii
    b: Midnight Sun 
    c: Saunas  
    d: Goulash
    e: Pickled Herring
    f: Sven-Göran Eriksson  



8. The capital of Finland is…


    a: Helsinki
    b: Nairobi
    c: Dublin


9. Can you identify The Finnish flag?




     a:                   b:                  c:


10. Can you spot the map of Finland?






         a:                             b:                   c:



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Tove Jansson Quiz




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