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Llúis Farré 

Quiz and Book Activity


Here you will find a quiz on Llúis Farré and a book activity on The Grey Boy one of Llúis' books.


Llúis Farré Quiz


1. What country does Llúis Farré come from?


    a: Mexico   
    b: Spain    
    c: Portugal    





2. In the country that Llúis Farré   comes from there are several  different languages spoken.  Do you know which one he speaks?


    a: Galician     
    b: Catalan
    c: Basque 


3. In The Grey Boy how many colours can you see on the front cover of the book? (You  can choose more than one answer).


    a: Black     d: Brown
    b: Yellow    e: Grey
    c: Red        f: Green


4. What do the doctors tell Joshua's parents they should do? (You can  choose more than one answer).


    a: Go to the Zoo   
    b: Get some sun     
    c: Make some friends    






5. What is the Grey Boy's reaction to Gus the Hampster when he chokes  on a sunflower seed? (You can choose more than one answer).


    a: Raises both his eyebrows  c: Starts to cry 
    b: Gets angry                      d: Starts to laugh


6. How do you say 'good morning' in Spanish and     Catalan?


    a: Vanakkam  b: Bon Dia
    c: Labrit         d: Buenos Dias


7. Which of the following do you associate with Spain? (You can  choose more than one answer).


    a: Pablo Picasso      b: Paella             c: Taj Mahal
    d: Johann Goethe    e: Rául González f: Gelato      

8. The capital of Spain is…


    a: Moscow    b: Madrid  c: Lisbon


9. Do you know which Spanish city is the capital of   Catalonia?


    a: Seville    b: Valencia  c: Barcelona


9. Can you identify The Spanish flag?




        a:                  b:                 c:

10. Can you spot the  map of Spain?







          a:                     b:                           c:



The Grey Boy Activity










For this activity, children could create some new friends to 'meet' the Grey Boy either individually or in groups. They could decide what sort of character it might be (e.g. a dog, a spaceman, a donkey, a giraffe, a bird, a girl, a monster, a fish, a baby, etc).

The book is also ideal for exploring how colours can help explore moods/personalities and about being and feeling different. The children could choose a colour to make the character and discuss what the colour suggests about the character – for example a sad dog, a scared donkey, an angry spaceman. (If time permits, the discussion could progress – why is our dog sad? Why is the spaceman angry?)

It can also be used for a workshop about language. Read a few lines from both the Catalan and Spanish editions and then ask the children if they can recognise any of the language. Are there any words that are recognisable or sounded similar to English? Have the children ever heard Catalan spoken before? Do they know where in the world people speak Catalan?

The publishers WingedChariot can provide books in Catalan and Spanish or have a downloadable activity pdf from their website that contains passages in each language. 


The Grey Boy, Llúis Farré, Wingedchariot Press, 2005 


For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section.



For a pdf version of the quiz please click below.

Lluis Farre Quiz





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