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Dick Bruna Quiz


1.   What country does Dick Bruna come from and what language does he speak?


        Country                  Language


        a: France               d: German
        b: Netherlands       e: Chinese  
        c: USA                   f: Dutch 


2. Which of the following books are by Dick Bruna?   (You can choose more than one answer).


       a: Dear Grandma Bunny  
       b: Green Butterfly – A Superdog Adventure
       c: Miffy the Artist 


3. What is the popular character in Dick Bruna's        books?


       a:  Donkey    b:  Rabbit c:  Bird


4. Who are Miffy's friends? (You can choose more than  one answer).


       a: Babar   c: Geronimo Stilton
       b: Poppy the Pig  d:  Aunt Alice 


5. How old is Miffy?


      a: 10 years old  
      b: 30 years old 
      c: 57 years old


6. How do you say 'good morning' in Dutch?


       a: Ohayo
       b: Goedemorgen          
       c: Boker Tov



7. Which of the following do you associate with The Netherlands? (You  can choose more than one       answer).


       a: Windmills          b: Vatican St Peter's
       c: Chillies              d: Daffodils
       e: Tulips                f: Clogs   


8. The capital of The Netherlands is…


    a: Oslo        b:  Amsterdam    c: New Delhi


9. Can you identify The Netherlands flag?





            a:                   b:                   c:


10. Can you spot the map of The Netherlands?







        a:                          b:                      c:



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For answers to this quiz please go to the 'Answers' section.


For a pdf version of this quiz please click below.

Dick Bruna Quiz






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