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These are books that have been either assessed or referred to in our research.

Abuela siempre me recordará (My Grandmother Will Aways Remember Me) Samar Mahfouz Barraj (text), Maya Fidawi (ill.), Grupo Amanuense, Guatemala, 2013, ISBN: 9929811799 Originally published in Arabic by Yuki Press, Lebanon, 2012,

Ahlan bikum fi alam Rafraf (Welcome to the world of Rafraf) Fairouz Qarden Baalbaki, (text) Nadine Sidani, (ill.), Dar El Ilm Limalayin, Lebanon, 2009

Alja Dobi Zajcka Ang (Alja gets a Bunny), Brane Mozetic (text), Maja Kastelic (ill.), Center za Slovensko, Slovenia, 2014

Bilal wa Amer (Bilal and Amer), Nabiha Mheidly (text), Loujaina Al Assil (ill.), Al-Hadaek Group, Lebanon, 2008

Biancaneve (Snow White), Enza Crivelli (text), Di Tommaso di Incalci (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2014

Beszél a kéz (Talking Hands), Tamas Vincze (text) & Mari Takacs (ill.), Csimota Publishing House, Hungary, 2004

The Black Book of Colours, Menena Cottin (text), Rosana Faría (ills.) Walker Books, UK, 2010

Cappuccetto Rosso (Little Red Riding Hood), Enza Crivelli (text), Peppo Biachessi (Ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2010

Coeur d’Alice (Alice’s Heart), Stéphane Servant (text), Cécile Gambini (ill.), Editions Rue du Monde, France, 2007

Como pez en el agua (Like a Fish into Water), Daniel Nesquens (text) & Rikki. Blanco (ill.), Thule Ediciones, Spain, 2007

Dar al-Nahda al-Arabiyya (Who’s the fairest?), Ru’ya Awadah al Hajj (text), Ghadi Ghassan (Ill.), Asala Publications, Lebanon, 2013

El Cazo de Lorenzo (Lorenzo’s Saucepan), Isabelle Carrier, Editorial Juventud, Spain, 2010 
La petite casserole d’Anatole, Isabelle Carrier, Editions Bilboquet, France, 2009
Pentolino di Antonino, Isabelle Carrier, Kite Edizioni, 2011, ISBN: 8895799568

El libro negro de los colores, Menena Cottin (text), Rosana Faría (lls.) Ediciones Tecolote, Mexico, 2014 

El Cuento Fantasma (The Ghost Story), Jaime Gamboa (text) Wen Hsu Chen (ill.), Grupo Amanuense,Guatemala, 2013,

È non è (Sara’s World), Marco Berrettoni Carrara (text), Chiara Carrer (ill.) Libri per Sognare (Books for Dreaming), Kalandraka, Italy, 2010

Escucha mis manos (Listen to My Hands), Alvarito Cuevas (text), Raúl Ramón Ramírez, (photos), Ediciones Tecolote, Mexico, 2007

Gabriel, Elizabeth Motsch (text), Philippe Dumas (ill.), l’école des loisirs, France, 2006

Gemeinsam sind wir grosse Klasse (Together we’re Fantastic) Franz-Joseph Huainigg (text), Verena Ballhaus (ill.), Anthology (Gemeinsam sind wir grosse Klasse), Annette Betz (Imprint of Ueberreuter Verlag), Germany, 2014

Giacomino e il fagiolo magico (Jack and the Beanstalk), Enza Crivelli (text), Peppo Biachessi (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2012,

Heya Huma Hunna (She and the Others), Nahla Ghandour (text), Janna Traboulsi (ill.), Al Khayat al Saghir, Lebanon, 2010
Elle et les autres, Nahla Ghandour (text), Janna Traboulsi (ill.), Le Port a jauni, France, 2011

H Gata Koumbara (Kaitlin the Cat and her Clan of Mice), Soula Mitakidou, Evangelia Tressou & Anthony L. Manna (text), Sophia Fortoma (ill.), Kaleidoscope Publications, Greece, 2006,

H Mairn Pineza (Tina Thumb Tack), Soula Mitakidou & Evangelia Tressou (text), Apostolos Vettas (ill.), Kaleidoscope Publications, 2011

Il Lupo e I Sette Capretti (The Wolf and Seven Kids), Enza Crivelli (text), Andrea Alemanno (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2013,

I tre Porcellini (The Three Little Pigs), Enza Crivelli (text), Matteo Gubellini (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2011

La pasticceria Zitti (Zitti’s Cake Shop), Rosa Tiziana Bruno (text), Ambra Garlaschelli (ill.), La Margherita Edizioni, Italy, 2011

La Tortuga Marian (Marian the Tortoise), Almudena Taboada (text), Ana López Escrivá (ill.), Ediciones Grupo SM, Spain, 2013

Leila, Ruddi Allaya (Answer Me, Leila), Nadine Kaadan, Box of Tales Publishing House, Syria, 2011

Lenka, Katalin Szegedi, Csimota Publishing House, Hungary, 2014

Litamer alamon khass (Tamer's Own World), Fatima Sharafeddine (text), Marianne Moussalli (ill.), Farah Merhi (photos), Yuki Press, Lebanon, 2012

Lola e io (Lola and Me), Chiara Valentina Segré (text), Paolo Domeniconi (ill.) Camelozampa snc, Italy, 2012

Lola la Loba (Lola the Wolf), Amudena Taboada (text), Ulises Wensell (ill.), Ediciones Grupo SM, Spain, 2011

Meine Fusse sind der Rollstuhl (My Wheelchair is my Legs), Franz-Joseph Huainigg (text), Verena Ballhaus (ill.), Anthology (Gemeinsam sind wir grosse Klasse), Annette Betz (Imprint of Ueberreuter), Germany, 2014
Mis pies son mi silla de ruedas, Franz-Joseph Huainigg (text), Verena Ballhaus (ill.), La puerta del libro, Spain, 2007

Mi hermana Aixa (My Sister Aixa), Meri Torras (text), Mikel Valverde (ill.), La Galera S,a.U., Spain, 2006, ISBN: 842462176X 

Mimi l’oreille (Mimi’s Ear), Gregory Solotareff (text) Olga Lecaye (ill.), l’école des loisirs,  France, 2005

Muette (Speechless), Anne Cortey (text), Alexandra Pichard (ill.), Editions Autrement, France, 2011

Nel Bosco delle Fate: Con un ditino (In the Wood of the Fairies: With Your Own Finger), La Coccinella, Italy, 2014

Nella Notte blu: Con un ditino (In the Blue Night: With Your Own Finger), Gabriele Clima, La Coccinella, Italy, 2014

Noi (Us), Elisa Mazzoli (text), Sonia MariaLuce Possentini (Ill.), Corso Bacchilega Editore, Italy, 2014

Palko, Katalin Szegedi, Csimota Publishing House, Hungary, 2013 

Pelle på planetfärd (Pelle in Space), Jan Lööf, Specialpedagogiska Skolmyndigheten (SPSM), Umeå, Sweden (The National Agency for Special Needs Education and Schools), 2010, ISBN: 9128103169 First published 2010, Bonnier Carlson, Sweden, new edition 2015

Quer ler um livro comigo? (Read a Book with Me), Lawrence Schimel (text), Thiago Lopes (ill.), Callis Editora, Brazil, (Sept) 2015, ISBN: 8574169736 First published as ¿Lees Un Libro Conmigo? Sara Rojo Perez (ill.), Panamericana Editorial, Colombia, 2005

Raperonzolo (Rapunzel), Enza Crivelli (text), Antonio Boffa (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2012

Riccioli d’Oro e I tre orsi (Goldilocks and the Three Bears), Enza Crivelli (text) Peppo Biachessi (ill.), Uovonero, Italy, 2012

Sofía, la golondrina (Sofía, the Swallow), Almudena Taboada (text), Ana López Escrivá (ill.), Ediciones Grupo SM, Spain, 2006

Tanca els ulls (Close Your Eyes), Victoria Pérez Escrivá, (text) Claudia Ranucci, (ill.), Thule Ediciones, Spain, 2009

*Together, Dots Make a Picture, Um, Jeong-soon, (Reading Fingers Series), Changbi Publishers, Korea, 2008

Touch Me, Seon-hee Kim and Dan-ah Kim, BF Books, Korea, 2009

Trelo mou Amaxidio (My Crazy Wheelchair) Merkourios Avtzis, Psichogios Publications, Athens, Greece, 2014

*Twelve Birds, Kim Hee-kyoung, Changbi Publishers, Korea, 2012 

Vaker (Humbug), Tamas Vincze (text) & Mari Takacs (ill.), Csimota Publishing House, Hungary, 2007

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dreaming Fingers series, Eric Carle, Karadi Tales, India, 2006

Voir, François David, Motus, France, 2005

Wir sprechen mit den Händen (We Talk with our Hands), Franz-Joseph Huainigg (text), Verena Ballhaus (ill.), Anthology (Gemeinsam sind wir grosse Klasse), 2014, Annette Betz (Imprint of Ueberreuter Verlag), Germany

Wir verstehen uns blind (We See Eye to Eye), Franz-Joseph Huainigg (text), Verena Ballhaus (ill.), Anthology (Gemeinsam sind wir grosse Klasse), 2014, Annette Betz (Imprint of Ueberreuter Verlag), Germany

Žga špaget gre v širni svet (Spaghetti Joe goes into the wide world) Aksinja Kermauner (text) Zvonko Coh (ill.), MIŠ založba, Slovenia, 2010

(Please note, that with the exception of one or two titles, none of those listed in the bibliography have been translated into English. These are the translated titles we have given the books for the puposes of this report).

*All Korean books listed with equivalent English title for the purposes of the bibliography.


List of Publishers

Al-Hadaek Group, Lebanon http://www.alhadaekgroup.com

Al Khayat al Saghir, Beirut, Lebanon http://www.khayyatsaghir.com

Anette Betz, Ueberreuter, Munich, Germany http://www.ueberreuter.de

Asala Publications, Beirut, Lebanon

BF Books, Seoul, Korea http://bfbookskoreasme.com

Bonnier Carlson, Stockholm, Sweden http://www.bonniercarlson.se

Box of Tales Publishing House, Syria http://www.nadinekaardan.com/boxoftales  

Callis Editora Ltda, São Paulo, Brazil http://www.callis.com.br

Camelozampa snc, Monselice, Italy http://www.camelozampa.com

Casterman, France http://jeunesse.casterman.com

Centre za Slovensko, Slovenia http://www.ljudmila.org/litcentre

Corso Bacchilega Editore, Imola, Bologna, Italy http://www.baccilegaeditore.it

Csimota Publishing House, Hungary  http://www.csimota.hu

Dar El Ilm Limalayin, Beirut, Lebanon http://www.malayin.com

Editions Autrement, Paris, France http://www.autrement.com

Editions Bilboquet, Vineuil, France

Editorial Juventud, Barcelona, Spain http://www.editorialjuventud.es

Editions Le Sorbier, Editions de La Martiniére, Paris, France http://www.editionsdelamartiniere.fr

Editions Rue du Monde, Voisins-le-bretonneux, France http://www.ruedumonde.fr

Ediciones Grupo SM, Spain  http://www.grupo-sm.com

Ediciones Tecolote, San Miguel Chapultepec, Mexico http://www.edicionestecolote.com

Changbi Publishers, Gyeonggi-do, Korea http://www.en.changbi.com

Grupo Amanuense, Gutemala

Interlinea srl Edizioni, Novara, Italy http://www.interlinea.com

Kaleidoscope Publications, Athens, Greece http://www.kaleidoscope.gr

Kalandraka, Florence, Italy http://www.kalandraka.com

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l’école des loisirs, Paris, France http://www.ecoledesloisirs.com

Le Port a jauni, Marseille, France http://www.leportajauni.free.fr

MIŠ založba, Dob pri Domžalah, Slovenia http://www.zalozbamis.com

Mondadori Editore, Milan, Italy http://www.mondadori.com

Motus, Urville-Nacqueville, France

Panamericana Editorial, Bogotá, Colombia http://www.panamericanaeditorial.com

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Specialpedagogiska Skolmyndigheten, (SPSM), Umeå, Sweden http://www.spsm.se

Thule Ediciones, Barcelona, Spain http://www.thuleediciones.com

Uovonero Edizioni, Crema, Italy http://www.uovonero.com

Walker Books, London, UK http://www.walker.co.uk

Yuki Press, Beirut, Lebanon http://www.yukipress.com


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