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Introduction to the 6-8 Booklist

In this booklist for 6-8 year olds, you can find classics, nonsense verse, rhyming and non- rhyming poetry.

Whether you are looking for classics such as Struwwelpeter by Dr. Heinrich Hoffman (first published in translation in 1848,  a cautionary tale with a moralistic content in rhyming verse and some gritty comical illustrations) or the stunning 'Moomin' books by Tove Jansson (translated and rewritten in verse by Sophie Hannah) then you are in for a real treat. 

The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My and Who will Comfort Toffle  with their sophisticated novelty design featuring cut-through holes and riot of colour together with the rhyming narrative are well worth investing in, either for parents to share with their children or to use in the classroom.  A more recent publication, The Dangerous Journey is another sumptuous title although it does not have the novelty design of the previous two.

Seven titles from India, with their unique style of artwork often made on handmade paper, have been included:  Anything But a Grabooberry, Excuses Excuses, Excuse Me, is this India? , Today is MY Day, Wish you Were Here and The Rumour are all by award-winning nonsense verse author Anushka Ranivankar. The latter is published by Karadi Tales which is not distributed in the UK but is available to buy over the internet.  The Spectacular Spectacle Man about Chashmuddin the street spectacle seller is by Indian writer and illustrator Vishakha Chanchani. They cover a range of subjects from typographical tricks, travel, folk tales and nonsense verse.

Two books originally included in Outside In: Children's Books in Translation (2005) were The Moon has Written you a Poem from Portugal, distinctive both for the poetic language translation by Maurice Riordan and the dark, brooding illustrations by André Letria and Yours and Mine, a poem adapted into a picture book with unusual surreal illustrations by Peter Geibler.

Talking with Mother Earth, published by Canadian publisher Groundwood Books, is a bilingual book from El Salvador in English and Spanish, it is a raw, honest and powerfully moving poem with rich, lavish illustrations bursting with colour.

Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head is a stunning and exciting new rhyming picture book by Bulgarian author and illustrator Stella Dreis and expertly rewritten in rhyme by Daniel Hahn.  Flower Heaven is a charming unusual tale based on a poem by German writer Sophie Reinheimer about what happens to flowers when they arrive in Flower Heaven and Hedgehog's Home is a poem about a very feisty and determined little Hedgehog who loves his home by an ethnic Serbian writer from the former Yugoslavia, translated and rewritten in English for the first time. Pumpkin Grumpkin is a collection of nonsense verse from around the world compiled by well-known children's poets John Agard and Grace Nichols.


For a pdf version of the booklist please click below.

Poetry Books 6-8

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