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10 Translated Books - 2015

Under 5

The Clever Mouse
Anahita Teymorian
Translated from Persian by Azita Rassi
Tiny Owl Publications

This is a charming story by Iranian author and illustrator Anahita Teymorian about a mouse who is full of his own self-importance.  The illustrations are so expressive against the rich, lush colour background that is imbued with symbolism.

Stripe Island
Tupera Tupera
Translated from Japanese
Thames and Hudson

Everything is stripy on Stripy Island. There are stripy mountains, fields, trees and even stripy houses in Stripe City. In fact there is all sorts of stripiness in this book by Japanese husband and wife design team Tupera Tupera who have created a fizzling book full of fun psychedelic colour.

When Dad Showed Me the Universe
Ulf Stark, illustrated by Eva Eriksson
Translated by Julia Marshall
Gecko Press

When Dad Showed Me the Universe by Swedish author Ulf Stark, translated by Julia Marshall, is simply told and infused with his trade-mark humour.  Illustrated by Eva Eriksson, who perfectly captures both the comedy and awe of the narrator in her expressive artwork.


The King and the Sea
Heinz Janisch, illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch
Translated from German by Sally-Ann Spencer Gecko Press

The King and the Sea contains 21 short philosophical tales about a little king in a big world by internationally award-winning Austrian writer Heinz Janisch, translated by Sally-Ann Spencer and illustrated by celebrated German illustrator Wolf Erlbruch.

The Lion and the Bird
Marianne Dubuc
Translated from French by Sarah Ardizzone
Book Island

A poignant story of a lion and a bird who form an unlikely friendship by award-winning French-Canadian Marianne Dubuc and translated by Sarah Ardizzone. At first glance, it may appear a simple tale of friendship, but this is a clever, sophisticated picture book and the soft, delicate illustrations, with their small details are heart-warming.

Travels of an Extraordinary Hamster
Astrid Desbordes, illustrations by Pauline Martin Translated from French by Linda Burgess
Gecko Press

This graphic novel follows Hamster’s musings in his diary and of his interaction with the other animals who live in the forest.  Despite being incredibly selfish, greedy and vain, his friends accept him because they love him. The subtleties in the text are complimented by the charming and funny cartoon-like illustrations of Pauline Martin.  


Art Workshops for Children
Hervé Tullet
Translated from French

This is a teachers dream. These innovative art activities from renowned best-selling French illustrator Hervé Tullet have been tried and tested around the world with groups of children in classrooms, libraries, museums, art galleries and community centres. Whether its splotches and splashes or spilled paint Tullet will show you how to turn it into a masterpiece.

Anna Starobinets, illustrated by Andrzej Klimowski Translated from Russian by Jane Bugaeva
Pushkin Children's Books

This is a witty tale of love, time-travel adventure and a lost civilization by Russian author Anna Starobinets, translated by Jane Bugaeva. Baguette is just an ordinary regular house cat who lives on the 12th floor of a high rise block in Moscow, but when he falls in love with the beautiful Purriana, his life changes for ever.


The Disappearing Children
(Prime Minister Father and Son, 1)
Joachim Grimstad
Translated from Norwegian
by Don Bartlett and Siân Mackie
Phoenix Yard Books

Teddy Popps, an ex-taxi driver, has formed ‘The More Party’ whose manifesto is simple: to give people more of what they want and less of what they don’t want.  Norwegian former footballer turned writer, Lars Joachim Grimstad has woven a clever, witty novel of political satire that is full of a wonderful array of colourful characters and a tongue-in-cheek pop at politics which is excellently translated by Don Bartlett and Siân Mackie.


Arsène Lupin Vs Sherlock Holmes
Maurice Leblanc
Translated from French by David Carter
Alma Classics

Arsène Lupin Vs Sherlock Holmes by French author Maurice Leblanc contains two stories – 'The Blond Lady' and 'The Jewish Lamp' – in a brand new English translation by David Carter. These stories display a battle of wits between a French gentleman thief and master of disguise Arsène Lupin and the world's most famous British detective Sherlock Holmes. For any crime fiction fan this is a must read.



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