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10 Translated Books - 2014

Under 5

A Lion in Paris
trice Alemagna
lated from French by Rae Walter
Tate Publishing

Best-selling A Lion in Paris, inspired by the statue of a lion in the Place Denfert-Rochereau in Paris much loved by Parisians, is almost certainly one of Beatrice Alemagne's best creations, both for the lovely illustrations and wonderful humour. With its mixed media of pencilled figures and collage cut-out photo faces, architectural rendering of Parisian landmarks and a larger than life protagonist, it makes this a delectable book.

The Tiny King
Taro Miura Translated from Japanese
Walker Books

This charming, heart-warming story about the importance of family by Japanese author and illustrator Taro Miura is a little bit different. The Tiny King is no bigger than a fingertip and he lives all alone in a huge castle, but then one day he meets the Big Princess which changes his life for ever.


Babar on Paradise Island
Laurent de Brunhoff Translated from French

Babar on Paradise Island is a tale of friendship and discovery by Laurent de Brunhoff who has followed in his father’s footsteps in keeping the spirit of Babar alive.  Babar and his family are enjoying a day aboard their boat when a sudden storm results in them being shipwrecked on a coral reef. The elephants are able to make their way to shore on a nearby tropical island, which appears to be uninhabited, where a new adventure unfolds. 


Mr Miniscule and the Whale
Julian Tuwim, illustrated by Bohdan Butenko Translated from Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Book Island

Mr Miniscule is, as his name suggests, very tiny.  In fact, he is half the size of a coffee bean. Despite his size, he loves to explore and has travelled far and wide, but still has one ambition left:  to see a big blue whale.  This is a timeless Polish classic by Julian Tuwim, one of Poland’s leading poets and illustrated by Bohdan Butenko, one of Poland’s top illustrators and cartoonists. Antonia Lloyd-Jones has done an impressive job with the translation creating a witty English rhyming text.

My Heart is Laughing
Rose Lagercrantz, illustrated by Eva Eriksson Translated from Swedish by Julia Marshall
Gecko Press

This is the second book by Swedish author Rose Lagercrantz, translated by Julia Marshall, and illustrator Eva Eriksson that features Dani, who first appeared in My Happy Life. Dani is always happy.  Sometimes she is unhappy but she doesn’t count those times.  She really misses her best friend Ella who has just moved to another town and she won’t let anyone sit at Ella’s desk at school just in case she comes back. Dani navigates the challenges of school life while pining for the loss of her best friend, but her wonderful optimism is never far away.


Fennymore and Brunella
Kirsten Reinhardt, illustrated by David Roberts Translated from German by Siobhán Parkinson
Little Island (Ireland)

An unusual quirky tale from German author Kirsten Reinhardt, translated by… . Fennymore Teabreak has lived alone since his parents disappeared.  He thinks he is nearly eleven but he’s not entirely sure as he hasn’t had a birthday party for a long while. Together with his new-found friend Fizzy they embark on a mission to discover why there is such a keen interest in the mysterious invention by Fennymore’s father - a brunella, whatever that is?

Jane, the Fox and Me
Fanny Britt, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault Translated from French by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou
Walker Books

Hélène has been ostracised by the girls who were once her friends and she has no idea why.  A visually stunning graphic novel by Canadian author Fanny Britt, translated by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou with powerful artwork by Isabelle Arsenault. Painfully evocative and brutally honest, it demonstrates the cruelty of emotional bullying and how demoralising it can be.


The Parent Trap
Erich Kästner, illustrated by Walter Trier
Translated from German by Anthea Bell
Pushkin Children’s Books

Award-winning translator Anthea Bell has provided a lovely, fresh new translation of The Parent Trap by German writer Erich Kästner. Complimented by the original black-and-white illustrations by Walter Trier, Pushkin Children’s modern edition will ensure that a whole new audience can enjoy this timeless classic.


Nine Open Arms
Benny Lindelauf
Translated from Dutch by John Nieuwehnuizen
Allen & Unwin (Australia)

Nine Open Arms is a house that stands half hidden behind trees and shrubs at the end of an isolated road. Award-winning Dutch author Benny Lindelauf has woven a multi-layered novel; mixing past and present as it moves back and forth in time between the 1930s and 1860s. Gradually the stories of those whose lives were connected with Nine Open Arms are unravelled with some surprising twists and turns. John Nieuwehnuizen's excellent translation flows effortlessly and from the first page the reader is immersed in the stories of the house that holds so many secrets.

Silvana Goldemberg
Translated from Spanish by Emilie Smith
Tradewind (Canada)

After fourteen-year-old Victoria’s mother died, she and her twin younger brothers go to live with her aunt Marta and her boyfriend Juan.  Life is harsh for Victoria; she can no longer go to school and instead must clean the house, cook the meals, iron clothes and deliver them to clients.  After fending off unwanted attention from Juan she runs away ending up homeless on the streets of Paraná in Argentina.  Silvana Goldemberg captures the colourful and dangerous atmosphere of street life in Paraná with her rich prose which has been beautifully translated from Spanish by Emilie Smith.



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