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Ash Dresses Her Friends by Fu Wenzheng
Title: Ash Dresses Her Friends
Author: Fu Wenzheng
Translator: Translated from Chinese
Publisher: New Frontier Publishing
Date Published: 2018
Format: Hardback
Book Category: Picture Book
Age Range: Under_5
Original Title: First published in China, 2017
Country of Origin: China

Ash Dresses Her Friends

by Fu Wenzheng
Age Range: Under_5

Ash, an azure-winged Magpie is feeling lonely and she wishes she had a friend to play with. When a sad looking elephant passes by Ash suddenly has an ingenious idea of how to cheer him up. Soon she is sharing her creations with lots of the animals in the forest.

Award-winning Chinese author and illustrator Fu Wenzheng has created a warm-hearted story about sharing with others, encouraging children to help each other and bring people together.

The gorgeous Ink Wash artwork, (also known as literati painting), in predominantly vivid red and grey tones uses the traditional Chinese style of illustrations, art and painting.

Fu Wenzheng grew up in a temple in China where her grandfather was a monk. The experiences she had as a child have influenced her writing and style of illustration with traditional Chinese culture and philosophy focal points of all her work. Fu took her inspiration for Ash Dresses her Friends from the artworks of the Emperor Huizong of Song, eighth emperor of the song dynasty from 1101 – 1125. His paintings of birds and flowers, in particular, are renowned for their realism and beauty.

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