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‘We need the literature of other countries to expand our
horizons and stimulate our ideas.  Without it, we are not only
diminished, we are starved’

(The Times, Magnus Linklater 29/06/05)

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Sheep Don't Go to School by Andrew Fusek Peters
Title: Sheep Don't Go to School
Author: Andrew Fusek Peters
Translator: Various
Illustrator: Marketa Prachaticka
Publisher: Bloodaxe
Date Published: 1997
Format: Paperback
Genre: Poetry
Book Category: Poetry
Age Range: 9-11
Original Title:
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

Sheep Don't Go to School

by Andrew Fusek Peters
Age Range: 9-11

A wonderful collection of poems from eastern Europe, representing nearly two dozen countries, and spanning cultures and generations, many translated into English for the first time, by more than forty writers who have retained the indigenous spirit of the originals. There are nursery rhymes, traditional tales in verse, riddles and new poems, all of which show the readers the similarities and differences between the stories and rhymes which exist in all human experience, and which tell us, in the most entertaining ways, about life and tradition in those countries.

An excellent collection for children from eastern Europe to share with their peers in British classrooms, and a powerful tool to use in emphasising the underlying interests and concerns which affect us all.

(Outside In: Children’s Books in Translation, Milet, 2005)

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