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Snowstorm (The): The Inuk Quartet Vol 3 by Jørn Riel
Title: Snowstorm (The): The Inuk Quartet Vol 3
Author: Jørn Riel
Translator: John Mason
Illustrator: Helen Cann
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Date Published: 2012
Format: Paperback
Book Category: Fiction
Age Range: 9-11
Original Title: Translated from Danish, Gaia Editions, 1980
Country of Origin: Denmark

Snowstorm (The): The Inuk Quartet Vol 3

by Jørn Riel
Age Range: 9-11

This third volume of the Inuk Quartet continues the exciting adventures of Leiv, Apuluk and Narua established in The Shipwreck and The Raiders. After the long, dark winter, Leiv, Narua, Apuluk and Sølvi are ready for an adventure. They decide to head north with two dogsled teams to see if they can make it across the ice to Hellunland (modern Baffin Island). But their journey is a hard and treacherous one as they encounter a terrible blizzard that submerges them in snow while they try to seek shelter. Then Leiv and Apuluk are taken by surprise and imprisoned on a big ship that is frozen fast in the ice. It is now up to Narua and Sølvi to try to rescue them.

Danish author Jørn Riel’s inspiration came from sixteen years of living in Greenland and The Snowstorm gives another vivid account of the Inuit culture and lifestyle circa 1000 C.E. Often quite stark in its descriptions this adventure story evokes the traditional life of the Inuit people.

Aimed at intermediate readers and part of the Advanced Reader collection, this chapter book employs a large font, short chapters and full-page bold watercolors illustrations by Helen Cann that capture the bleak Artic landscape.

There are three books in the Inuk Quartet available in EnglishThe Shipwreck, The Raiders and The Snowstorm<.em>.

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An Interactive Recipe Book Platero and I Playing With Fire Plum-Blossom and Kai Lin Pockety: The Tortoise Who Lived As She Pleased Poet King of Tezcoco (The) Pointless Leopard (The) Poka & Mia At the Cinema Poka & Mia Football Poka and Mia Wakey Wakey Poo Bum Poor Little Rabbit! Poppy's Biggest Wish Press Here Prince of Mist (The) Princess and the Captain (The) Princess and the Pea (The) Princess Gift Book (The) Princess Knight (The) Princess Pigsty Princess Plot (The) Princess Sylvie Princess Trap (The) Professor's Daughter (The) Prophecy of the Gems (The) Pumpkin Grumpkin: Nonsense Poems from Around the World Puppet Theatre Puppets Unlimited with Everyday Materials Quadehar The Sorcerer: (Part 1 of The Book of the Stars) Queen of Seagulls Quer ler um livro comigo? Questions Asked Quickeye Rabbit and the Shadow (The) Rabbit Who Didn't Want to Go to Sleep (The) Radical Niyazi Bey Raiders (The): The Inuk Quartet Vol 2 Rainbow Fish A,B,C Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale Rainbow Fish Finds His Way Rainbow of Time (The) Ralf. Raperonzolo (Pesci Palanti) Rapido's Next Stop Rapunzel Raven's Children (The) Reason I Jump (The) Reckless 1: The Petrified Flesh Reckless 2: Living Shadows Reckless 3: The Golden Yarn Red Apple (The) Red Rage Reflections of a Solitary Hamster Rescue of Babar (The) Return of Rinaldo, the Sly Fox (The) Revenge of the Puppets Riccioli d'Oro e I tre orsi (Pesci Palanti) Rights of the Reader (The) Riku and the Kingdom of White Rinaldo, the Sly Fox Ring of the Slave Prince (The) Rita and Whatsit Rita and Whatsit at School Rita and Whatsit at the Beach Rita and Whatsit go on a Picnic Rita and Whatsit's New Friend River Post (The) Rivers: A Visual History From River to Sea Roberta and Me Ronia, the Robber's Daughter Rose Blanche Round, Square, Triangle Rubbish and Recycling: Step-by-Step Rufus the Bat who Loved Colours Rumour (The) Run For Your Life Run, Boy, Run Run, Pumpkin, Run Runaways (The) Russian Gypsy Tales Ruth's New Friend Sacred Sacred Banana Leaf (The) Saint-Saens' Carnival of the Animals Sammy and the Skyscraper Sandwich Santa's Littlest Helper Sardine in outer Space Saving Mississippi Scarlet Sails Scribble Book (The) Sea Urchins and Sand Pigs Seasons Secret Life of a Tiger (The) Secret of the Blue Glass (The) Secrets in the Fire Secrets of the Wild Wood (The) See You When I See You Selma Seraphin Serpent's Gift (The) Seven Little Mice Have Fun on the Ice Seven Pablos Shadows in the Twilight Shamer's Daughter (The) Shamer's Signet (The) Shamer's War (The) Sheep Don't Go to School Sheep With Boots Shipwreck (The) : The Inuk Quartet Volume 1 Shola and the Lions Shylock's Daughter Side by Side: New Poems from Around the World Silverhorse Simply Wonderful Christmas Sing to the Moon Sir Mouse to the Rescue 'Sleep Well' Siba & Saba Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals Snail, Where Are You? Snail's Birthday Wish Snow Girl (The) Snow Puppy Snow Queen (The) - Pushkin Children's Snow Queen (The) Retold by Anthea Bell Snow Queen (The) Retold by Sarah Lowes Snow White and Rose Red Snowman Snowman and the Sun (The) Snowstorm (The): The Inuk Quartet Vol 3 Sobibor Soda Pop Sofia La Golondrina Solitaire Mystery (The) Something's Fishy Song of Seven (The) Sophie's World Spectacular Spectacle Man (The) Speed of Light Spike and Suzy Sagarmatha Spiny Splosh! Sport: Step-by-Step Spot It Again! Spring is Here - Board Box Set Spring Tone (The) Squirrel's Birthday and Other Parties (The) Star of Fear, Star of Hope Sticker Art Shapes: Henri Matisse Sticker Art Shapes: Alexander Calder Sticker Art Shapes: Arcimboldo Sticker Art Shapes: Joan Miro Sticker Art Shapes: Klimt Sticker Art Shapes: Pablo Picasso Sticker Art Shapes: Paul Klee Sticker Art Shapes: Sonia Delaunay Sticker Art Shapes: Vassily Kandinsky Sticker Art Shapes: Warhol Stig and Tilde: Vanisher's Island Stone Light (The) Stories for Christmas Stories for Summer Stories of Grandmother Oma Stories of the Night Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly (The) Story of a Snail who Discovered the Importance of Being Slow (The) Story of Babar (The) Story of Crime and Punishment (The) Story of Cyrano de Bergerac (The) Story of Don Juan (The) Story of Gilgamesh (The) Story of Ink and Water (The) Story of King Lear (The) Story of King Lion (The) Story of Pinocchio - Usborne PB Story of the Betrothed (The) Story of the Blue Planet (The) Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business Story of the Little Mole who knew it was None of his Business- Pop Up Story of the Nose (The) Story of the Wind Children (The) Story of Violet (The) Streams and Dreams and Other Themes Stripe Island Struwwelpeter Stupid Baby Summer with Mary-Lou Super Guppy Super H Super Rabbit Surprise (The) Surprising Birds: lift-the-flap colours Sweets Swiss Family Robinson (The) Table That Ran Away To The Woods (The) Tahmineh's Beautiful Bird Tak-Tak! Tale of the Little, Little Old Woman (The) Tale of Two Brothers (A) Tales from Moominvalley Tales of a Sevensleeper Tales of Hans Christian Andersen Tales Told by a Machine Talking With Mother Earth Tam Sventon and Discovery P3X Tan Hou and the Double Sixth Festival Tanca els ulls Tell Me What You See Temple of the Ruby of Fire Thanks to My Mother That's How I See Things That's Mine! That's My Hat! The Adventures of Hermes: God of Thieves The Apple The Artists: Tales from the Hidden Valley The Befana's Toyshop The Book of Time 1 The Book of Time 2: The Gate of Days The Bookworm The Cake The Crash: The Valley Book (2) The Disappearing Children (Prime Minister Father and Son, 1) The Dove The Flute The Fool The Forest The Game: The Valley Book 1 The Golden Cage The Incredible Story of the Birdgirl and the Terrible Boy The Journey The King Has Goat Ears The Little Witch The Mahabharatha: A Child's View The New Girl (chix) The School The Story and the Song The Summer Gang (C.H.I.X) The Sun is Yellow The Tree The Umbrella The Yark Themba A Boy Called Hope There's Room for Everyone Thief Lord (The) Thin Ice Thingamabob (The) This Truck has Got to be Special Those Messy Hempels Three Girls and a Secret Three Grasshoppers (The) Three Little Pigs (The) Three Little Wolves & the Big Bad Pig (The) Three Musicians (The) Three Robbers (The) Through a Glass, Darkly Thura's Diary: A Young Girl's Life in War-torn B Tickle My Ears Tiger on a Tree Time of The Young Soldiers (The) Timeline Activity Book Timpetill Tina's Web Tintin Volume 1 Tintin Volume 2 Tintin Volume 3 Tintin Volume 4 Tintin Volume 6 Tintin Volume 7 Tintin Volume 8 Tiny King (The) Tipiti, the Robin Tistou, the boy with green thumbs To Market! To Market Toby Alone Toby and the Secrets of the Tree Today is MY Day Toffee and the Small Car Together, Dots Make a Picture Toletis Tomorrow Tooth Gnashing Witch (The) Topsy Turvy World Tortoise Who Wanted to Sleep Toucan Can! Touch Me Town Mouse & the Country Mouse (The) Tow-Truck Pluck Toys and Tales with Everyday Materials Trail Game (The) Traitor Trap for Perseus Trash! On Ragpicker Children and Recycling Travels of an Extraordinary Hamster Treasure Thief (The) True Friends: A Tale From Tanzania Tundra Mouse Mountain Twelve Dancing Princesses (The) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Under the Spell of the Moon Up and Away with the Little Witch Up the Mountain Up, Down & Other Opposites with Ellsworth Kelly Upside-Down Reader (The) Vaker Valdemar's Peas Vango: A Prince Without a Kingdom - Book Two Vango: Between Sky and Earth - Book One Vendela in Venice Ventriloquist's Daughter (The) Very Best Dad (The) Very Hungry Caterpillar (The) Very Hungry Lion (The) Victoria Virgil Nosegay and the Hupmobile Virginia WOLF Visitor (The) Vitello becomes a Businessman Vitello carries a Knife Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend Vitello Scratches the Car Vitello wants a Dad Voir Waffle Hearts Waiting for Goliath Waiting for Mama Wake Up, It's Easter! War of the Witches War Without Friends Watch Out for the Crocodile Watcher in the Shadows (The) Watching Wave Runners (The) We Are All Born Free We Were Not Like Other People Welcome to Mamoko Whale That Fell In Love With A Submarine What am I? What Colour is the Wind? What Does Baby Want? What Dog Knows What Happens When ... What is a Child? What the Jackdaw Saw What What What? What's Hidden in the Woods? What's Inside? What's That Noise? When Dad Showed Me the Universe When Findus Was Little and Disappeared When I am Happiest When I Coloured in the World When I Was a Boy Neruda Called M Policarpo When I was a Soldier When I Was Born When It Rains When Mama Can't Sleep When Night Didn't Come When Owen's Mom Breathed Fire When Pierrot was Young When Santa Fell to Earth When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw When Someone Comes Along When Someone Splits When the Earth Lost its Shapes When the Snow Fell When We Lived in Uncle's Hat When We Were Alone in the World Where Are They All Going? Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows Where Do They Go When It Rains? Where Do We Go When We Disappear? Where Does Pepper Come From? Where is Grandma? Where Is My Friend Where is my Sister? Where is Pim? Where is Rusty? Where is the Cake? Where is the Frog? Where Were You, Robert? Where's Asterix? Where's Dogmatix (Asterix) Where's Molly? Whisper White Horse White Stone (The) Who am I? Who Can Crack the Leonardo da Vinci Code? Who Hid the Easter Eggs? Who Left the Light On? Who Wants Candied Hawberries? Who Will Comfort Toffle? Who's Driving? Who's Hiding? Whose Eyes Are These? Whose Lovely Child Can You Be? Why There is No Heaven on Earth Why We Took the Car Wilbert Wild Animals of the North Wild Animals of the South Wild Book (The) Wild Swans (The) Wildcat Under Glass Wildest Brother (The) Wildwitch 1: Wildfire Wildwitch 2: Oblivion Wildwitch 3: Life Stealer Wildwitch 4: Bloodling Will & Nill Will Gets a Haircut Will You Still Love Me If ...? Wings Winter Afternoon Winter in Wartime Winter Song Winter When Time was Frozen (The) Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here Witch in the Broom Cupboard (The) Witchfairy With a Sword in My Hand Wizard, the Ugly, and the Book of Shame (The) Wizardling (The) Wolf and Dog Wolfy Women in Battle Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Kochka) Wonderful Adventures of Nils (The) Wooden Camel (The) World of Mamoko in the Time of Dragons (The) World of Mamoko in the Year 3,000 (The) World of Mirrors World's Best Karlson (The) World's Worst Mothers (The) Yellow & Round You Can Do It, Bert! You Can't Be Too Careful! Young Werewolf You're Safe With Me Yours and Mine Yours Sincerely, Giraffe Yum Yum! Yumi (Kokeshi) Zanzibar Zeppelin Zeraffa Giraffa Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo ZOOology Zou Zou and the Box of Kisses Zzzzz A Book of Sleep
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